About HerLaunch

HerLaunch empowers other women looking to start or grow their business, and serves as a tool to stay connected and learn from other women in entrepreneurship.

Incredible Women

There is continuous talk about women in entrepreneurship but not enough coverage on these incredible women. We are constantly hearing about overnight successes but not enough stories about women who are slowly making it on their own.

Behind the Scenes

Ever wonder what it's ilke to start your own company? You won't officially know until you start yourself, because everyones journey is different. But we hope to help you gain a little more insight into what other women entrepreneurs around you are doing, how they tackle certain things, and the do's and don't's when it comes to the startup world.

We Are that Resource

We want to fill that void and be a helpful online resource to all women whether they are already in entrepreneurship or are aspiring to enter the startup space.